For my own reference – SSZ games at Weathertop

I ran two games of Spaceship Zero at Weathertop.

First I ran “Bring Me the Head of Dr Quisling” in which Mike O’Donnell played his brand new mechanic “Rusty Jones,” Thomas Bigford played “Sparky” the robot, Nathan W played “Skippy Sykes” the pilot, Jason Baker played ?, Scott played Loola the slave girl.

Then I ran “Mystery Maze of Mars.” David played “Securibot,” Kathryn played “Nameless O’Shaughnessy” the mechanic, Nathan W played Skippy again, Lucas Smith played “Captain Stackhouse,” Darren played “Heironymous Herzog” the space pirate, and Bev played “Catman” the super-intelligent cat. Graham Darling was registered to play but he arrived too late and his seat was taken.

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