It's Top's!

Top’s Cafe is on Main Street and 4th Ave. It has uneven, torn benches. It has a door that won’t close properly and a space heater on the counter is the only source of heat. They serve unremarkable Chinese food but you’ll get a fork instead of chopsticks. Lunch specials are $3.95. You’ll be the only person there. If you’re lucky, the cook/waitress will be watching vhs copies of Chinese soaps while you eat.

I like it.

4 Replies to “It's Top's!”

  1. “…but you’ll get a fork instead of chopsticks.”

    You sound so small town. You can’t eat with chopsticks?

  2. I prefer chopsticks. I’m used to chopsticks. That’s why it’s remarkable that they provide a fork instead.

  3. Using chopsticks instead of a fork is like riding in a buggy instead of a car. It might be quaint and fun for a short time, but when you really need to get something done you go with the advanced technology.

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