I'm Off to Be the Wizard

I haven’t been doing much roleplaying in the past while. Not since my D&D group broke up. I’m not complaining – I don’t have much time for it anyway. But this weekend is yet another VGG convention – Weathertop.¬†Ironically, though I am immersed in rpgness, only very rarely does convention play interest me. Something about the randomness of who I’ll be playing with and the uncertainty of whether the setting and rules and GM style will appeal to me makes home games much more satisfying. The last time I was actually excited to play a con game was to try out the new Warhammer system with Shawn Wowk GMing. That was a good experience, but I know that a home game would still have been at least twice as fulfilling. So, even though I’m kind of sick of D&D 3.5 rules I am looking forward to playing in an old fashioned D&D tournament, as well as playing in a fellow’s modified Unknown Armies game. Plus I’ll be running a couple games of Spaceship Zero. Maybe I’ll sell a book or two while I’m there. Then someone will start a campaign and I can play in it!

And I’ll be out in a social environment (albeit one not known for its social graces) which will be a nice change. So don’t expect much bloggening until Monday. Just reread the old posts and comment some more to make me feel validated.