I'm Biff, I'm Bart. We think we're pretty smart.

This morning I had a dream that I went to meet with Marlo at some marijuana cafe downtown, and she was high and grumpy. Then we met up with some tall guy and started walking around town. That’s it. 

On the bus this morning I had to hold the hand of a thicky construction worker who got kicked off his site during orientation because he didn’t have a liner for his hardhat. He was wearing a big puffy jacket with godawful giant stars on it in red and black and white. He got on at the same stop as I, and when he told me his plight I just smirked. Maybe he was expecting sympathy but he reminded me too much of that Canadian actor/comedian Andy Dubrochelabolweilslwhatever (help me out here, Taylor) from the Biff and Bart segment of Switchback or whatever it was I used to watch years ago. Not the Kokanee sasquatch guy, the other guy. 

I don’t know if it’s the fact that my diet is so boring, but I’ve been drinking a lot more alcohol than usual. And by “a lot more” I mean “a tiny bit,” as you probably know that I don’t drink. I’ve been spiking my bedtime milk with sambuca. Probably because sambuca is sweet. Watch out, old man, there’s a new rummy in town. I just learned there’s something called “witch elder bush” in sambuca. Witch elder bush. 

Witch elder bush.

6 Replies to “I'm Biff, I'm Bart. We think we're pretty smart.”

  1. When you say “I had to hold the hand of a thicky construction worker” you mean that metaphorically right? Not that I would judge. In fact it would make you all the more human.

    Or was it that he was really, really short and there were no open seats so he used you as a standing strap-handle?

    In that case I’m glad you offered only your hand…

  2. Which elder bush?

    I recommend baileys in milk over sambuca anyday… well, not anyday, as I only have in once or twice a year at a particular friend’s house, but it’s not bad…

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