Scrubs with Marlo

Tonight Marlo and I went out for dinner and rented Scrubs from Rogers and also watched an episode of Kenny vs Spenny. I was glad that Marlo laughed at KvsS and Marlo was glad that I laughed at Scrubs. They had me at the very first episode we watched which featured the singer from Men At Work. I used to be a Men At Work fan when I was a teenager. I had two (both?) of their albums on cassette along with Thriller and…god, what else? The Police, The Pinheads, and Platinum Blonde I guess (the three P’s). And now I am listening to Men At Work again. “Dr Heckyll and Mr Jive” notwithstanding, most of it still holds up. Now that I think about it it’s a little eerie how the lyrics to “Overkill” apply to my life over the past two weeks (in fact tonight was our 2 week antiversary).

I can’t get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications
Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know will be alright
…it’s just overkill

Tonight was the first time we hung out with some semblance of normalcy since then. It wasn’t like the “old times” but it was good. We still have lots to do. We also taste-tested many chocolates for Kelly’s Bad Girl Chocolates line this year. Naughty!

More exciting news tomorrow.

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  1. The first two seasons of Scrubs are funny. Usually laugh out loud funny. By the third season everything starts becoming a tiresome. The characters never really change, so the same old schtick is no longer laugh out loud funny as it once was. By the third season it just seems as though the actors are going through the motions, rather than all the excitement and verve that existed in the first two seasons.

    The third season is still better than most stuff on TV, though. I stopped watching the show in the middle of the fourth season. It just wasn’t funny any longer.

  2. I forgot to email you my thanks for sending me your comments about the chocolates you tasted. So, Thanks. They were very helpful. 🙂

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