Writing; Hivers; Goodminton

Wednesday night I went to Geoff’s for a writing group meeting. I had tried to write something for the meet but the thing I started on didn’t get very far off the ground, so I just brought an old piece. One of the girls there wrote about lack of fulfilling one’s potential, or even the wisdom to self-analyze, and we talked about that for some time. I have been thinking about that for years. Certainly I look at my life, my beliefs, and my attitudes quite a lot. But I fret about not living up to my potential. I have skills, but self-promotion and social graces are not among them. It’s been a constant thorn in my side, along with my inherent laziness. Who knows where I would be if I was a little more friendly/gregarious. Maybe I should take up drinking.

On Thursday I went into a studio to do voice recordings for Stewie’s game Sword of the Stars. Taylor was there to help and it was good to see him again. We had to share a microphone for a chunk of lines, and then I had my time alone in the booth doing crazy voices that I probably can’t tell you about but maybe Stewie can. It was fun and challenging.

Stephane and I played more racquetball at the Mount Pleasant Community Center on Ontario and 15th. I noticed they also have badminton for $4 drop-in for 2 hours on Thursdays at 7:45. Anyone else interested in that? We also talked about finding a place to play outside. I’d totally spring for a net. I guess in theory you could set it up in a park wherever you want.