Coke Zero does in fact taste more like regular Coke than Diet Coke

This morning I drew some character portraits for Spaceship Zero the RPG. Just for fun.

I went for lunch at uh…Tom’s Cafe I think it’s called. I’ve been there once before. It’s a total dump there, which is kind of endearing, especially with the $3.95 lunch specials. It’s hard to find a non-saggy spot on the diner-style benches. On my previous visit I was the only patron. This time there was a lady who, in addition to ordering food there, had a big bag of carrots and other crunchy vegetables that she ate very loudly (with her mouth open). I actually had to get up and move to the other side of the restaurant, it was driving me so crazy. I got chicken and broccoli today, and there was some confusion when I asked for no rice or noodles, she said it would be a dollar extra. Eventually we sorted out that it’s because I’d be getting more chicken and broccoli instead of the rice. I was trying to sort out my Mandarin class notes but I just wasn’t in the mood. But that’s okay because the owners were watching some Cantonese version of Coronation Street that they have on VHS, so I absorbed some of that instead.

I am trying to think of something to write about for Geoff’s writing group tonight. It’s not working. I started something but it’s just not holding my interest. I don’t want to wait for inspiration because I know sometimes you have to make your own, but I just can’t get into what I started. I thought about resurrecting old short stories I began years ago, about doing a superhero tale, Ghostbusters fan fiction, and now I’m sifting through old blog entries for other ideas.

Furthermore I am sick of hearing The Pretenders.