The Champ is Groggy!

Man am I ever out of it this morning. Another sub-par sleep. I purposely tried to go to bed early last night, but then I realized I forgot to have a shower. I was going to bed just as Stewie got home. (He said I did a good job on the alien voice for his video game Sword of the Stars; I am quite pleased that I pulled it off). When I went to bed I put in Star Trek: Generations and fell asleep about 45 minutes in. So that would have been close to my usual bed time of 1am. And again I woke up before 7am. I got up, had some warm milk, some broccoli to settle my churning tummy, plugged in some Futurama, and drifted into intermittent, light sleep. NOT ENOUGH! It’s taking me four times as long to remember passwords, work protocols, etc, and I was 3 whole minutes late for work because I was just wandering around my room in a stupor after I got up – I almost called in sick. I weep for my Mandarin class tonight.

I’m sure some of you are aware of this phenomenon…I have yet to give it a name. If you’re working on the phones you have your standard ‘scripting’ which you say over and over and over and over all day long. After a while just to amuse yourself you start to say it in different ways, different emphasis, pacing, etc. I’ve never actually answered a call with a Christopher Walken or Sean Connery impersonation…yet. Maybe on my last day.

I read on Monte’s blog that he’s going to LepreCon in Ireland. That’s a funny name for a convention. Not to be confused with LeperCon in Myanmar.

I guess I should clarify that my last post refers to the fact that Marlo and I have broken up. I don’t mean to pick on Amber but she misinterpreted it to mean we got engaged, which I think is pretty funny. I’ve been wrestling with how much I should post about what I’m going through on a public blog. On the one hand, it might be entertaining to you all, and therapeutic and good record-keeping for me. On the other hand, I don’t want to bring you all down with my sob stories.

And to end on a high note, it is a beautiful day outside, they discovered a new supernova very close to us (by astronomical standards) and the New Zealand Seafood Industry has proposed to close 1/3 of local waters to the incredibly destructive bottom trawling, a major coup for environmentalists and deep-sea enthusiasts like myself, if it goes through (The article quotes my favourite chain-smoking, Neil Diamond-fan squid expert, Dr Steven O’Shea).