Torlo: Sep 7 2004 to Feb 10 2006

Spanning three years!*

Torlo at De Dutch Pannekoek House Feb 2005

I loved Marlo before we started dating, and she knew it. I loved Marlo while we were dating, and she knew it. I love Marlo now that we’re not dating anymore, and she knows it. And I’m pretty sure she loves me. But some things you have to accept, and act on. That act took place over this past weekend. We had some damn good times, and I look forward to more…but in a different way. To quote Marlo’s favourite Vulcan from my favourite (Trek) movie: “You have been…and always shall be…my friend.”

*But only actually taking up 17 months.

2 Replies to “Torlo: Sep 7 2004 to Feb 10 2006”

  1. Not another one, Toren, what did you do wrong? I didn’t even get to meet her, but at least I was able to read her blog? I will continue to do so, “Hi, Marlo”, sorry, sorry….I know it’s all my fault.
    Hugs and condolences to you both……..I will see you this summer Toren….and hug you in person, I promise…love from..M.O.M>

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