Anyone for Racquetball?

Getting back into shape is not going as well as I had hoped. I didn’t go swimming last Wednesday because I just don’t like the people in the pool that much. It would be great if it was just me there and nobody else but the lifeguard. So I just ran around Marlo’s place in my underwear for over an hour. I would like to give the gym another try. Plus, I’m going to be more picky about what I eat. I totally let go over the holidays and I still have catching up to do*. Plus, Stephane was telling me about playing racquetball at a local recreation community center deal. Is anyone interested in that? Because I am. I hear racquetball and squash courts are a good place to have business meetings.

*The only problem is that when I starkly alter my diet, I have to go to the roomroom constantly. Maybe I’ve just been eating too many carrots.