I think they should have a crossover between Degrassi: The Next Generation and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Furthermore, I wonder if America’s Funniest Home Videos has a catalogue of clips that were too EXTREEEEEEEEEME for TV. Like, tiny tots being “whoops-a-daisy’d” into ceiling fans and dogs having their ears bitten off by ostriches and whatnot. I’d like to see that episode. I like to see bulldozers tipping over as much as the next guy.

I’ve been swimming for the last couple of weeks. I’m getting better. I think. But it’s hard to tell. It’s been more enjoyable since I’ve been using Marlo’s goggles but I sill have to stop at the end of every length and empty them out of water. Also I don’t like that last 10 feet of the length where I can’t touch the bottom. Also also it’s hard to swim when there are other people in my lane. I’m always worried about crashing into them, or them crashing into me. Also there’s always one kid with a life jacket (I’m going during ADULT SWIM mind you!) or crazy old lady who will come into the lane and start doing hydrobics, making it more awkward. Usually the last half hour before the pool closes is the best because the people clear out and I can pretend that I’m in The Poseidon Adventure swimming to freedom thanks to the arbitrarily superior leadership of Gene Hackman.

I forgot to tape Babblebar Balabiba on Saturday. Which was stupid because I was home, for a change.