Sweet Dreams are Made of Ninjas

Strange dream last night. Marlo and I were in Janet’s old place while she’s away in Japan, and criticizing her choice in furniture (not your real life furniture, Janet – the stuff my subconscious put there). Then there a bunch of people came in and there were a bunch of physical contests (probably a result of me watching a couple hours of Kenny vs Spenny the other night with Stewie) and eventually the dream focused on one guy. The guy was very competitive and after a couple of contests he left the house and got in a cab. The cab was driven by Joe Pesci in a blonde wig. They got into this part of town that Pesci was nervous about and rightly so because ….NINJAS!!!! The guy got out of the cab and was checking out this sort of a mansion and all these ninjas started coming out and attacking him. He started to do wacky things like jumping backwards off of tall stone fences and grabbing lips of the fence lower down with his fingertips, blocking sword blades with the palm of his hand, and suchlike. One of the ninjas was doublefisting flaming crossbows.

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