Hurry before somebody steals our idea

So…here’s a new concept band that Taylor and Stewie and I are trying to figure out how to do. The band comes onto the stage in dark street clothes. We put on some big rings onto our fingers which light up with a green LED, and we all chant “In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!” The stage is bathed in green light and at the same time, a black light is turned on which reveals the black-light sensitive patches on our clothes which transform our dark clothes into bright Green Lantern costumes. Our musical instruments are all created from our ring’s energy (they too are marked with black light sensitive tape). We’re all different GL’s. I could cut my hair to look like Guy Gardner. Taylor is Kilawog. We sing cover songs.

So, who wants to invest some capital into this winning stock?

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  1. > So, who wants to invest some capital into this winning
    > stock?

    Coming out in tights, vests and shaggy loincloths, then peeling off the vests and loincloths after intoning “BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL — I HAVE THE POWER!” would likely be cheaper for the costuming department.

    (Of course, even the money you save doesn’t make you able to effect the Cringer-to-Battle Cat transformation. Besides which, it probably takes a few /years/ at the gym to pull off even a flabby Prince Adam physique.)

  2. I used to have a green plastic glow-in-the-dark Green Lantern ring. It would be perfect.

    I think it was a free give-away item at a local comicbook shop. Although it’s been about 5 jobs since then (along with 5 moves), so it’s probably at the bottom of a box somewhere.

    If I find it, I’ll pass it along to you (only if you use your powers for good and not evil).


  3. I have one of those GL rings too (and I know exactly where it is). It’s yours if you do this…

    But most likely you’ll get sued to death by DC Comics.

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