Hey Mrs Doesn't-Find-Me-Attractive-Anymore Just-Because-I'm-Morbidly-Obese…

But How do I go from Fatness to Fitness? Watch me right here. You be my witness.

I just found out that I’m officially obese! I was browsing the CBC news website as I am wont to do, and reading the study about how Canadians are getting faaaaaaaaatter. I learned about the BMI ­ body mass index. So I looked it up on google and found a site where I could plug in my height and my weight and find out what my BMI is. I’m 5’10 and the last time I weighed myself I was between 220 and 224. Let’s say 222 ­ that gives me a BMI of 31.9 which falls into type 1 obesity (there are 3 types). If you’re over 25 you’re overweight (this according to Health Canada) and 30 or more equals superfat. To get out of the overweight category I’d have to get down to 174 lbs. Which would be crazy! When I was playing tennis for 2 hours a day 3-4 days a week, and having virtually no carbs, I only got down to somewhere between 190-200. I don’t think I could get down to 174 without starving myself or having a full-time job in construction or something… But the good news is that I went swimming last night at the Percy Norman pool and I got a good workout. They have 2-3 lanes on Monday and Wednesday nights for adult swim and at times I had a lane all to myself. The bad news is that aquafit comes in at 8pm and plays Bryan Adams, and the other bad news is that my arms were so sore afterwards that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. But I’m sure the more I go swimming the more accustomed my muscles will become to being used. Don’t know what to do about Bryan Adams except maybe to stay under the water…at all times. The pool is only a 5 minute walk from Marlo’s place so I actually didn’t use the change room for changing. I wore my “trunks” aka my shorts, and a t-shirt, and my ratty old shoes, and that’s all. I walked through the cold rain with my towel over my head and when I got to the pool I paid the lady in coins, keeping one for the locker. I threw my shirt and shoes and towel into the locker and got right into the pool. I don’t like having my wang hanging out for all to see. And I never have since gym class in high school. It was quite chilly coming home with wet shorts but for the time being I prefer that to spending more time in the change room than I have to.

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  1. The BMI is just way to ‘we’re-using-the-mean’ to be properly applicable in many cases. I’m just a tinch taller than you and frankly the last time I got down to 190 everyone I knew thought that I was looking freakishly thin. It must have something to do with the depleted uranium in my bones I guess.

  2. get some warm track pants, you silly boy, just pull them right on over, fleece or those shiny bike riding kind withthe zipper up the leg, probably can find them at salv. army store. Hugs,

  3. you are over 40 pounds heavier than me? wow! i’m 5’10 and 180 pounds Toren. you’d probably look something like me except without the terrible acne scars.

    my advice to you is to eat better and exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week. how you change your diet is up to you. you should definitely exercise though. swimming is the best exercise. it is easy on the joints and works out the entire body. and yes, your arms will feel better after going swimming a few times.

    results won’t be immediate but you will notice a difference in a month or two.

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