Yummy Asian Candies

Marlo brought a number of exotic treats back from China for me. Some of them were gruesome, but some of them were wonderful and the best candies I’ve ever had! Lots of jelly/gummy treats including some that were packaged in tiny little balloons tied with a rubber band, some very good quality chocolates, and a candy that seemed to be hard crystallized honey with a liquid honey center. There were also marshmallow discs with various pudding, chocolate or fruit jelly centers. I’m going to have to look for my favourites next time I’m at T&T. There was one brand of little cubes of various flavours that were covered in chocolate powder and they were m good.

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  1. Marlo never did respond to my last email but here’s the gist of it. i’ll be returning to canada for approx 2 weeks from feb 1st til feb 16th. You mentioned something about some wonderful and bestest tasting candies which marlo acquired here in china. it’s likely i know exactly where she got them from, mouse street, and if it’s true and you’d like some more then tell me the exact name of the brand, or type, or something which can help me to recognize them. or if you’ve still any memorabilia, send me a pic of the pack or something. or ignore this post wholly and go about your profitable daily routine working for the man. all the more asian candy for me.
    hell, did you ask around chinatown yet?

  2. i’ll keep an eye out for them and check that specific shopping centre where i know she picked up a bunch of snacks as well. or you could just ask her if she remembers where she got ’em and save me the trouble of searching. hopefully it was in guangzhou, but even if not i’ll still keep my eyes peeled.

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