It's Weird to Not Be Poor

I’m making tons more money than I have for years. It’s weird to be able to afford to eat out for every meal, to be able to afford to buy a DVD when I want to buy a DVD, to go to the gym whenever I want, to go to the dentist, to get my passport, to pay off my library overdue fines. I can finally patronize the game stores that I tell everyone else to patronize. I actually bought a game book new off the shelf at Drexoll’s. It’s nice. And I don’t mind my job at all. That’s double nice.

4 Replies to “It's Weird to Not Be Poor”

  1. Hi my love, congratulations, and welcome to the working world. Hope you keep the job long enough to get CPP and pension benefits. Hope you guys had a good Xmas, love to you both, Mom

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