Don't go see Narnia.

Narnia was terrible. Awful. I felt closer to walking out on that film than I have for a long time. Drippy. Pointless. Infantile. Trite. Plus, the music was bad. The acting was uninspired and I felt sorry for the kids who were given the joyless task of being forced to speak the lacklustre dialogue. The only inspired thing in the film was some of the monsters.

King Kong however, was great, as I mentioned. It too was overly dramatic at times, but for a monster-fighting-monster flick it met my expectations. You could really see that they put a lot of time and attention into studying the natural movements and expressions of a gorilla (it seemed to me). There were some problems, which I will delineate below.

I still want to see Capote. Has anyone seen it yet? And Syriana? Anything else?

(if you haven’t seen King Kong, you may want to stop reading):

There was too much humans outrunning animals. Of all the animals in the world, humans are pretty slow. And many dinosaurs are built for speed, just like birds. Look at the ostrich. Same deal with velociraptor-type dinosaurs. And for the dinosaurs that aren’t built for speed, they often have incredible stride (brontosaur-types). Even quicker are insects (generally). If you have ever watched a nature documentary on predatory insects, they strike faster than the eye can see. Granted in the film they are giant bugs that in real life wouldn’t be able to walk under their own weight, but if they’re going to move exactly like small bugs in every other respect, they should be able to kill with lightning speed.

There were some other things but I guess I’ll add them when I remember them.

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  1. Syriana was good. You’d do well to see it in my opinion. Haven’t seen Capote yet since I was outvoted. If it comes to Abby I’ll see it and let you know.

  2. don’t forget, Narnia is a book for “children”, I read them all myself not too long ago, and really enjoyed them, will wait for the movie to be on TV, or maybe I can get Aunti Carol to play it on her big screen TV next time we visit. X’s and O’s

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