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Iraq’s Victorious Army Group was holding a contest to see who could design the best website to promote their message of jihad. The contest winner will receive Allah’s blessings and be allowed to fire three rockets at an American military base.
The probe into the U.S. policy of paying Iraqi newspapers for positive coverage widened to include the Baghdad Press Club, a military-created P.R. organization;
Pakistan extended its ban on kites due to the deadliness of kiteflying; in February, 19 people died and over 200 were injured during a kite festival.
Condoleezza Rice made a deal with Romania that will allow the United States to use military bases there.
A religious studies professor at the University of Kansas was beaten up on a roadside after he mocked creationism in an email, Christmas activists were upset to receive White House greeting cards that wished them a happy “holiday season” instead of a Merry Christmas.
Police in Guangdong, China, fired into a crowd of demonstrators who were protesting the sale of government land for a wind-power plant; villagers said that at least ten people had been killed.
The supreme court of Italy ruled that it is not necessarily racist to call someone a “dirty negro.”
In the rainforests of Borneo, scientists were attempting to trap a newly discovered carnivorous cat-fox creature.

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  1. Why would it be racist to call someone a “dirty negro”? “Negro” is a legimate non-racist word to denote a black person, much like “Caucasian” is for white people and “redhead” is for people with red hair. Combining it with “dirty” actually implies that most negroes aren’t dirty but that one specific person is.

    In short, Toren, you dirty brunette, I agree with the supreme court of Italy.

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