Adam and his Package

I had the good fortune of being contacted by a student at Vancouver Film School who is working on his final project for his term. That final project is to provide a total media package for a band. He sent out emails to a few bands he liked and after meeting with him at The Grind on Main St (the Italian soda was weak and the service wasn’t the jewel in their crown either) we’re going to be working together. This is good news because we’ve been needing a bit of injection into the old output department for some time and boy, am I lazy. For a few YEARS now Stephane and I have been working on a DVD of our live stuff, videos, and whatnot and part of the project was to put together a video for one of our songs that was just live footage. Not to be our grand masterpiece but at least its something we can put out there. Anyway, this new development opens up the possibilities. As always the biggest hurdle for any band endeavor is getting all the band members together, but if we rely on Adam’s computer wizardry that may not be a worry. Any suggestions on what you’d like to see for a video or other media? At the end of the deal we should have a bouquet of stuff to look at, with nothing out-of-pocket apart from time. Time in my pocket.

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  1. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets: The concept album DVD.

    Rope in Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame to help out with the marching Shoggoths animated scene.

    It will sell millions.


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