Just a few things…

Tomorrow is is a big rock show in Chilliwack. I hear we might pull out Ogdru Jahad even. Twenty-two songs on the set list.

Zuul and Kodos are getting along just fine. They sleep on the same bed – mine!

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately. In anticipation of running Mutants and Masterminds. And also drawing for it.

Right now Stewie and Taylor and Darcy and Arinn are doing Track Zero in the other room. They’re watching Alien Nation.

My 2-month no junk food diet is going well. Anti-fasting will be observed around Hallowe’en. Anyway I’ve been eating a lot of Chunky Soup because it’s like cat food for humans. Mmmmm. Turkey is the healthiest but last time I went to Safeway they only had one left. I leave the broth to Kodos. Also mandarin oranges are back and I am taking advantage of that! And enjoying the kitty face-scrunch on Kodos whenever I pop one. I’m not getting any exercise though.

This week I’ve had three game nights. D&D was on Tuesday and that was a lot of fun. I got to use my new character Sunshine who wields a double-bladed sword and drow poison. Wednesday was Call of Cthulhu at Geoff’s house and Thursday was board game night at Sheri & Stephane’s. They made some coconut chicken curry and it was deeeeeeelicious. We played Apples to Apples and Poleconomy.

Next week I’m having dinner at Karen’s on Wednesday. It’s been a long time.


Both Democratic and Republican senators were questioning the qualifications of Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, who has never argued a case before the Supreme Court but has been often referred to as President Bush’s “work wife.” UNICEF released a short film that shows an airstrike attack on a village of Smurfs. The U.S. Senate passed a $440 billion defense-spending bill; the bill includes an amendment that places limits on the torture of military prisoners. President George W. Bush promised to veto the bill if it was passed containing the amendment. An Oregon woman was suing her doctor for trying to heal her lower back pain by having sex with her. The doctor was also in trouble for charging the state $5,000 for giving the woman the treatment. A new vaccine that prevents cervical cancer was found to be 100 percent effective. A Cambodian couple was in trouble for biting their 12-year-old daughter so that they might drink her blood, and in Australia a worker at a forensics laboratory was under investigation for stealing parts of human brains so that they could be injected into racehorses in order to make the horses run faster.

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