I went back for more shooting of X3 on Thursday, and the chances of my mug showing up on film increased tenfold. Of course there’s no guarantees, but I hope so. I met some nice people, and some not-so-nice people on set. Tomoko and Lance were the nice ones. Well Hugh Jackman was nice too, but I didn’t have QUITE as many conversations with him as I did with T&L. And I saw Norm there too (on Tuesday – did I mention that already?). It was really fun being a mutant (more so than usual) and it would have been way suckier if Taja and Shane hadn’t provided rides for me out to the woods. That was a poorly structured sentence but I’m prepared to live with it.

After I got home last night I actually put in the first X-Men film, I was so in the spirit of things. The schedule of shooting had me so mixed up, however, that I set my alarm for 6:20 instead of 7:20 this morning (for work at the warehouse), and after it went off I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Thanks to Tony Marsh for the half dozen boxes of Jaffa Cakes I got in the mail today! And…uh…Twinkers or whatever they’re called. They are strange. Stewie will be pleased.

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