My weekend.

What the hell happened on my weekend? Let me try to remember. Oh! I had dinner with Marlo’s folks on Friday night and that was very pleasant indeed.

On Saturday night I had my birthday auction and as usual, it was a number of blasts. I got the complete Wallace & Gromit VHS set, some amazing drawing materials that I put to use the very next day, and some miniatures. Other stuff too but I’m tired and my memory, as always, fails. There were some new faces to the auction, and David bought most of my and Chris’ and others’ comics. I made off with a decent cup o’ cash and the food was not bad – even some pineapple!

On Sunday I biked down to Drexoll Games and bought some red dice and another miniature (Reaper did a Cthulhu knock off). Marlo and I had dinner at Greens & Gourmet and then we watched movies. She wrote more about that on her blog so I will direct you to it.

Last night I played BURNING WHEEEEEEEEL!! with some gaming mates and that was pretty fun, though I was distracted all through the night dealing with phone calls from my agent-to-be about being an extra in X-Men 3. You could say I was an X-tra. But you shouldn’t.

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