The Changing of the Guard

Now that school is in, some of the younger people who work at the warehouse are gone. The panoply of temps have more or less been ‘promoted’ to fill the ranks. This is trouble. They don’t know or don’t care about the finer points of book-picking protocols, and it’s making everyones job more difficult. The shelves are a mess with stacks of titles hiding behind other stacks of titles, titles being put on the wrong shelf, shelves being overstacked, books being left in their boxes, and just general chaos. Each staff member was given an aisle to take care of some months ago. My aisle is Aisle 28. My job is to take 5 minutes of every day and make sure my aisle is neat: the spines should be facing out; the books shouldn’t be pushed far back into the shelf; and suchlike. That’s probably my favourite part of the job. Maybe I can convince the bosses that it’s the only thing I should be responsible for.

4 Replies to “The Changing of the Guard”

  1. I don’t really care about the shelves, but for my money, it’s better than picking. If you think I’m a curmudgeony oldbie you should see Taylor! He actually keeps track of whether or not he makes daily quota!

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