Cruise Ship of Damned

I had a dream this morning that a comet passed near to Earth and turned everyone into zombies – not the undead brain-eating zombies, but just imbeciles who would try to rip apart anyone who wasn’t wandering around in circles going “googa bugga urgga.” Some people weren’t affected, and it was very difficult for me to find others like me. I couldn’t just yell out “hello! Any non-zombies around?” because the zombies wouldn’t like that, and they were everywhere! In fact I think the bulk of the dream took place on a cruise ship.

2 Replies to “Cruise Ship of Damned”

  1. That sounds like the best dream ever!

    In my zombie dreams, I’m killing them with a shotgun, then I run out of ammo. Shotguns double as bludgeoning weapoins.

    My wife says I thrash my arms around when I have this dream, and she’s worried I’m going to bludgeon her in her sleep. It could happen.

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