Weekend Update

Last Sunday Torlo went out to Chilliwack again to visit the Woodses and to eat pie. Also we had a band practice and we worked out the final arrangement for one of the five songs we’ve been working on. We decided that, if we can’t find a suitable/reliable bass player, that Merrick will have a set of songs memorized that we can fall back on.

Stewie came back from PAX and reported. I’m obviously annoyed that we didn’t go, but with cross-border gigs there’s just so many things that can go wrong, it didn’t surprise me. We had a long chat (Stewie & I) and we decided that the Thickets needs a manager who can make all the arrangements that I myself am not very good at, despite my efforts. Things like getting t-shirts, stickers & CDs made and shipped down prior to the engagement; things like negotiating payment, lodging, food, etc. We need a Winston from Broken Roses to print out our damn maps. So the next step is a band meeting on Wednesday and an inquiry to the management side of Divine Industries.

By this time next year I hope we have a new CD out.

I’ve got a blister on my toe from my day job! It’s poopy.

3 Replies to “Weekend Update”

  1. Poopy blisters are even worse than regular blisters.

    Sorry. I just hate “poopy” as a descriptor, because it makes me think of stuff being coated in poo.

  2. didn’t you get proper boots for working on a cement floor yet, try army boots from surplus if you don’t want to go to a real shoestore. Love, Mom

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