Anyone need anything from the UK?

A friend is mailing me some Jaffa Cakes. Anybody else need anything small from the UK? I can’t think of a damn thing.

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  1. Get Twiglets… oh, sweet burned pretzel goodness… ohhhhhh, now I have to go to an import store & spend my paycheque on weird British snacks…. there’s a great candy/import store on 4th by a big comic shop that sells most things British, if you’re ever in a fix for yummy English treats.

  2. Oh yes I’ve been there many times. And the Comicshop too! They rarely have Black Bart gum though. Sadly.

  3. What is black bart gum? I lookied it up online to find you a source, and according to the almighty interweb, it says it’s a “street name” for amphetamines… um Torrie? You okay? mwahahaha.

  4. Ahhh. Now I understand where the request for Twiglets came from..
    I’ve never heard of Black Bart Gum, but we do have Blackjacks – those are liquorice and chewy, but not gum.
    The Jaffa cakes, (which are more like mini sponges with orange Jell-O, covered in chocolate, than cookies) along with the twiglets are sat on my counter right now, and will get mailed out tomorrow!

  5. Me too!! But I have bad news…I went around to all of the retro candy stores here in Toronto, and supposedly, they aren’t making it anymore. I loved Black Bart too 🙁

  6. I thought I was the only person alive that was looking for Black Bart gum. I called Leaf confections and they no longer make it. I used to buy it buy the box. So sorry I can;t get it anymore.

  7. Black Bart was yummy…but so was Black Cat, altough it can no longer be found either.

  8. I too have looked high and low for Black Bart Gum and alas all I found were pitiful near copies of which do not hold the flavour like Black Bart gum did. I say revolt all lovers of Black Bart Gum. Flood the owners/makers with demands to return its licorice magnificence to the open market. Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore! Erm! Soz, I been working a lot of hours lately. Im ok now!

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