Anyone need anything from the UK?

A friend is mailing me some Jaffa Cakes. Anybody else need anything small from the UK? I can’t think of a damn thing.

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  1. Get Twiglets… oh, sweet burned pretzel goodness… ohhhhhh, now I have to go to an import store & spend my paycheque on weird British snacks…. there’s a great candy/import store on 4th by a big comic shop that sells most things British, if you’re ever in a fix for yummy English treats.

  2. What is black bart gum? I lookied it up online to find you a source, and according to the almighty interweb, it says it’s a “street name” for amphetamines… um Torrie? You okay? mwahahaha.

  3. Ahhh. Now I understand where the request for Twiglets came from..
    I’ve never heard of Black Bart Gum, but we do have Blackjacks – those are liquorice and chewy, but not gum.
    The Jaffa cakes, (which are more like mini sponges with orange Jell-O, covered in chocolate, than cookies) along with the twiglets are sat on my counter right now, and will get mailed out tomorrow!

  4. Me too!! But I have bad news…I went around to all of the retro candy stores here in Toronto, and supposedly, they aren’t making it anymore. I loved Black Bart too 🙁

  5. I thought I was the only person alive that was looking for Black Bart gum. I called Leaf confections and they no longer make it. I used to buy it buy the box. So sorry I can;t get it anymore.

  6. I too have looked high and low for Black Bart Gum and alas all I found were pitiful near copies of which do not hold the flavour like Black Bart gum did. I say revolt all lovers of Black Bart Gum. Flood the owners/makers with demands to return its licorice magnificence to the open market. Im mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore! Erm! Soz, I been working a lot of hours lately. Im ok now!

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