Summer's Here and It's Time to Shut Up

In my many hours of daytime TV I see a lot of commercials. I hate commercials, as you all know. The mute button is wearing out on our remote control. However, some things get through. I’ve noticed a few trends this summer:

1. Commercials that start out with “Summer’s here and it’s time for…” buying our product. Kentucky Fried Chicken and I think Red Lobster or some steak house are the two main guilty parties. What a pointless tag line. Do people only eat chicken in summer?

2. Mr Devo’s music from Life Aquatic is being bastardized. Case in point: the Skittles and Nestea commercials.

3. Um…I guess that’s it. Except that commercials stink. The only one I don’t mind is the Holiday Inn commercial with the guy who has his best ideas in the shower. “Proving that my client is innocent!” in court wearing only a bath towel. I can never forgive commercials for their cleverness, but I find the actor quite adorable.

Oh and fucking babies running around to the Bach (?) symphony with the words “No… no no.. no no no no no no! You can’t…you won’t…change my diaper now…” makes me run from where ever I am in the apartment to turn it off.

4 Replies to “Summer's Here and It's Time to Shut Up”

  1. Mark Mothersbaugh is Mr. Devo. 😉

    Word on the stupid diaper commercial! ALL DIAPER COMMERCIALS HURT MY BRAIN. Okay, we’re both culturally retarded for not knowing the symphony, but my money’s going on Mozart rather than Bach.

  2. In my heart of heart’s I too knew it was Mozart, but my new philosophy is to stop striving for 100% accuracy and let everyone else correct me when I’m wrong.

  3. Technically it’s the power button on the stereo that’s getting worn out.

    I like the Holiday Inn ads as well – “I’d like to patent my translating dog collar.” “Nice dress.” “Oh, Lord.”

    I like the kid falling off the rainbow. Son, when you’re sitting on a rainbow eating Skittles, stop fucking thinking so hard. Now you’re dead and don’t get to slide down the rainbow. Whee!

    And I HATE the Bob the Baby ads for Quiznos. I’d rather they brought back the Canada specific hockey/sportscaster ads.

    And before we vilify Skittles and Nestea, I think we need to find out if Mothersbaugh did them first (a possibility)

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