Spotted Dick

On Friday I went with Marlo and Stewie to Kidsbooks in Kits for the midnight sale of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The secret of the half blood prince is that the other half is rum raisin ice cream, not blood. Anyway there were tons of kids there and hippies banging drums and twits on stilts, but also free Happy Planet juice and stick-on tattoos. It was interesting. After that we went to the Naam and I had my first truly satisfying meal there in a while.

On Saturday I went to Kate’s birthday party (which I actually didn’t know was a birthday party – I thought it was just a summer BBQ) and was entertained by stories from various people I had never seen before and old friends who I haven’t seen for a while. Marlo and I learned that there is a karaoke place near her house, and that the horse track is a fun date idea, which I always imagined but never thought I’d find anyone to go with me. Too bad my schedule is all drawing this week or I could see those rapscallions (Ranger, Demers, et al) a couple more times this week.

Speaking (or, writing) of schedules, I didn’t go into work again this week. This is the third week in a row, and I’m worried that one day I’ll go back in and they’ll say “hey, you don’t work here” and then I’ll have to go find a better job.

I have been buying pineapples left and right, which is good, because fresh pineapples make me very happy, but they ferment quickly in my garbage in my hot hot apartment. I’m eating pineapples like goddamn corn on the cob, and it’s awesome.

Marlo and I went to some garage sales on Sunday morning and at the first three I didn’t find anything, but Marlo found a $2 copy of Chinatown (the movie). Marlo usually barely tolerates my garage saling expeditions but this time she was particularly impatient. I stopped to pick blackberries and she kept on walking until she was a block ahead of me. I was so mad at her that I bought her presents at this amazing garage sale that I found just moments after we parted. I long to disclose the glory of it all but it will have to wait because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Remind me later.

In the meantime, I’d like to say how much I enjoy the cartoon Home Movies. It’s on weeknights at 1am (two episodes in a row) on Teletoon. It took me a bit of warming up to the series (I saw the Hallowe’en episode 3 times by chance before I decided it was good) but now I love it. It’s true that I only really guffaw a few times during the show. It’s not like the old 5th season Simpsons or anything, but then – what is? There really isn’t anything else entertaining on TV these days. My schedule at drawing is this:

noon: People’s Court
1pm: Star Trek original
2pm: People’s Court or ST:TNG
3pm: ST Voyager
4pm: Judge Judy

People’s Court is by far the best reality show on TV. Judge Millian is a fantastic judge. Judge Judy is my second favourite but even for a judge, she’s really judgmental. I mean I appreciate she’s been doing it for something like 50 years but a lot of the time she doesn’t give everyone their fair chance to speak and give their evidence. I can’t watch Judge Joe Brown or Divorce Court – those two are so trashy. They just let the parties bark at each other and it’s like watching Jerry Springer. Quack.

I got distracted from my Home Movies spiel: it’s good. Stewie says I need to watch Dr Katz, from the same creative team. Does anyone remember Science Court? Same deal. It was on Saturday mornings for a very short time and there were only a handful of episodes, but it was fun-tastic.

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  1. It was extra sunny and hot that day, and I was parched and not wearing sunscreen. I did end up getting a bit of a sunburn. I think that was the reason for the extra impatience. That, and I wanted to read Half-Blood Prince. 😉

  2. Dr. Katz is not as funny as Home Movies, but it is rather endearing. Have you seen the Renaissance Faire episode of Home Movies yet? HILARIOUS! McGurk rules!

    Also… speaking of impatience… don’t make me beg you again for the PoI packets (you know what I am talking about!)

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