Calgon take me away!

Holy smokes! Who wants to draw for me so I can go out and play tennis and go swimming and biking and looking for crabs on the beach?

4 Replies to “Calgon take me away!”

  1. Unfortunately I can’t really draw all that well – BUT, I did go to Whiterock & looked for crabs, so I kind of did half of the deal…

  2. What’s the salary? Are there benefits? Other than the use of your pumice stone…?

  3. That’s a new one to me; calling pubic hair “the beach”.

    Hey, Toren, don’t give me set-ups like that for bad jokes, OK?

    We have red tide really bad on most of New England’s shorelines, due to the very wet spring we’ve had, so it’s really affected shellfishing her.

    I am SO damn bored and lonely I’m even reading Toren’s blog!

  4. they have good crabs near Kits beach, between the really lame “SO KITS” part and the Jericho part, along the coast, past the swimming pool and park (further west).

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