100% fun weekend

Chris Woods’ birthday party weekend was full of gifts to me. He came to my place to pick up Marlo, Stewie and me. We drove to Chilliwack and shopped around for games for his new XBOX. The pick of the litter was the Godzilla game, for which I proceeded to slip away from many social expectations throughout the party. I saw my brother, Tara & Jordan, Bob & Karen and spawn, Josh and his gal, Tasha and Chris’ parents. Birthday dinner was tacos and I ate constantly, including cake and ice cream. We slept over and on Sunday we drove out to Metrotown to watch Revenge of the Sith. My biggest complaint was the child who sat next to me and kept idly caressing my arm with his fingers as he fidgeted during the non-action parts of the film. I won’t say anything else about the film on this blog for the time being, because I know certain people are holding out before they watch it, except I really want to watch episodes 4-6 in a row, right now, and that the acting was far better than eps 1 and 2. Then they chauffeured us home after a late dinner at Denny’s. It was so satisfying for me to watch Sith with Chris & Marlo, my closest friends and definitely the two biggest Star Wars nerds that I know. It was perfect! We even got good seats, and only the occasional baby “wah” from the back of the theater interfered with the enjoyment of the movie. But that’s the price you pay for going to the cinema, along with the obligatory, “let’s show up to the theater at the last minute so that we can scour the theater for the three disparate remaining seats in the dark, so that everyone else who arrived 90 minutes early so they could get a good seat are too distracted to enjoy the first scene of the movie.” Chumps! The only bad news is that Marlo left her umbrella in Chilliwack, and the whereabouts of her cute brown cardigan is at present a mystery. So if you see it, grab it! Marlo will no doubt post on her blog the many photos we took of the weekend.

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  1. And you sold “Broadalbin A Tale of the King in Yellow” for $168.68 USD!! Holy Gibbering Ghouls! That will help buy some cat food!

  2. Sith in general was better than eps 1 & 2, but Hayden C. still can’t act his way out of a paper bag, and any scenes between him and Natalie Portman were every bit as painful as they were in ep 2.

    I blame George Lucas since I know Natalie Portman is a better actor than that.

  3. I was pretty dumbfounded when I came home to see that! I saw that you bid up to $25 yourself.

  4. “What is Broadalbin A Tale of the King in Yellow?” Obvious something with the formula for making lead into gold! 🙂

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