Harry Potter Six – Not For My Eyes

At work, all of us had to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the new Harry Potter book. We’re not allowed to open the boxes or look at the insides until the release date, which is a little silly. I guess if anyone asks me to pick 10,800,000 copies of Blood Prince I can say “screw you, I signed a piece of paper promising I wouldn’t. I’m going home”

3 Replies to “Harry Potter Six – Not For My Eyes”

  1. I think you should plan a ninja-action-stealing-of-1-copy. It will throw everyone into a frenzy… you can “discover” the open box, and have everyone FREAKING OUT. Then, you can make a movie while nobody is paying attention, and release it the day that the book comes out & be a millionaire… this plan is not brilliant, but it’s a plan, and that’s something… too bad you sold those x-ray vision thingies on ebay, or am I imagining this?

  2. Do you guys already have copies of the books or is this a preventative paper signing?

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