Sinful research

I much prefer curling to hockey. Can anyone guess why?

There’s a really big article in the April 9th Globe & Mail that I’m slogging through at work and on the bus. It’s about how the US regime is interfering with scientific research that they deem anti-christian: pretty much anything that has to do with sex, “right to life” issues, etc. There’s lots of shocking information in the article, but I had to share this bit: Dr David Hager was placed on the FDA Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee by our old friend GW Bush. He is the author of a book called “As Jesus Cared for Women” and “is known widely for having refused to prescribe contraception to unmarried women, and recommending Bible-reading to relieve PMS.” Despite the overwhelming support (23 to 4) from the FDA panel to put a new “remarkably safe” day-after contraception pill on the market, the FDA leadership overruled its own panel. Day after day the conservative power in the US finds new ways to outrage me.

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  1. I know how you feel and I don’t even live in the good old US of A.

    It makes me even angrier that, as a Christian myself, I see other so-called Christians, like Dr Hager (and Bush), forcing their beliefs down the throats of others.

    These idiots never seem to understand that thay could do so much more for their “christian agendas” if they encouraged and loved and used God’s grace like they’re meant to.

    Toren, I don’t know if you’re a Christian and, quite frankly, I’m not bothered if you are or not. I’m just sorry that you’re closer to the bag of crap than I am.

  2. I always read the bible when I have PMS – it’s a miracle worker… shoot me now.

  3. I always read the bible when I have PMS – it’s a miracle worker… wait a second, is reading the bible the same as taking drugs?

  4. The bible is like a drug, Amberjane, but it’s not very narcotic.

    Big Al, I don’t live in the USA either.

    I am certainly willing to accept that there are different kinds of Christians. Jesus, for example, didn’t kill anyone in the name of his father, did he? But people kill in the name of “god” all the time. That’s the bad kind of Christian. Generous people who live peaceful lives and respect the world around them, that’s the good kind of Christian. I’m an atheist. If I were to embrace religion Buddhism would be my choice, but I would reject the idea of reincarnation and all that rubbish. I believe in doing the right thing not because I’m afraid of going to hell, or being judged by a higher power, but because doing the right thing is in everyone’s best interests. The real core tenet of Christianity that gets my goat is that humans are better than all the other critters on earth, and that earth and everything around them was created by God for them to exploit. That tenet is going to do us ALL in, and have Satan licking his chops.

    Generally, If you believe in heaven and hell and the holy ghost, I may not relate to you but I don’t really care, as long as you don’t use it as an excuse/platform for your bad decisions/policies.

  5. The problem with the kind of Christian that is annoying all of us is that they’re not actually very Christian.

    As pointed out, Jesus was a really nice guy. I don’t believe in any supreme being but I can certainly get behind a lot of what Jesus was talking about: being nice to each other.

    But today’s conservative “Christian” tend to point to the Old Testament to back their beliefs up, ignoring that in many, many cases Jesus said “Ok, that was the old way, I’m changing the rules now”.

  6. you guys are ignoring the bigger picture here. toren’s obsession with sweeping is causing him to like curling more than hockey!

    assuming christ were canadian, what would jesus do?

  7. Neither.

    Jesus would be more a Garden Bowls kind of guy. It’s like ten-pin bowling without the pins or excitement.

    But that would only work if he smoked a pipe though… and wore a flat-cap and a cardigan…

  8. Even the “good” kind of Christians you’re talking about can be homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-evolution, anti-masturbation, and/or anti-premarital sex.

    You don’t need a God to have a system of ethics and morals. I, an atheist, also believe that people should be excellent to each other. I just happen to also think that humans made God up long ago, and for various reasons, are unwilling to let him die.

  9. Marlo – You’re right. There are loads of the “good” kinds of Christians who are anti-everything-you-mentioned. And that’s fine as long as they keep it to themselves and treat all people who are gay, had an abortion, believe in evolution, wank like freaks, and get all the sex they can get their hands on outside marraige with grace and love. Which is where they tend to let themselves down.

    And you’re right about not needing a God to have a system of ethics and morals. I think that if everyone was excellent to each other all the time (or at least more often) then the world wouldn’t be in half the mess it’s in a the moment.

    Unfortunatly over here in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) people aren’t encouraged to be even remotely excellent to each other. But that’s a rant for another time, perhaps

  10. Oh and before forget…

    Toren – The central tenet of Christianity isn’t that we have everything on Earth to exploit. Technically, and if you believe this kind of thing (like us wacky Christians) human-kind was the only form of life that fell from grace.

    So all other forms of life on Earth are closer to God than us. And we, as humans, should be here on Earth in a caretaker role, watching over God’s creation with kindness and wisdom.

    Problem is… can you see many “conservative Christians” doing this?

    Nope, me neither.

    And with that I’ll do everyone a big favour and shut up…

  11. The reason I like curling better is because it’s a less hostile game.

    The peaceful, queer-, abortion-, evolution-friendly Christian who doesn’t push his values on anyone is the most excellent Christian of all (others’ personal views on premarital sex or masturbation isn’t any of my business so I left that out). In a world of 6 billion + people, there’s gotta be some out there.

    And I’d take them over warmongering homophobic atheists, if it came down to it.

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