Sure, why not. I'm a nerd, after all.

1. Post a list of 10 TV fandoms/shows and comics you follow (current or cancelled!)
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show
3. When guessed bold the line and write a sentence explaining why.
4. Post in your own blog.

1. Dungeons & Dragons cartoon
2. Superfriends
3. Ripping Friends
4. Home Movies Coach McGuirk because he’s the worst soccer coach in the world. Jason is a very close second, and they’re voiced by the same guy.
5. Justice League Red Tornado! For obvious reasons.
6. Star Trek TOS Spock or Kirk or Bele or the guy who designed the M5 are all acceptable.
7. Star Wars IG-88. I mean just look at him!
8. Simpsons
9. Batman Mr Freeze is coooool. He’s not a typical supervillain (at least not as portrayed in the animated series – plus he’s voiced by Michael Ansara).
10. Spaceship Zero

8 Replies to “Sure, why not. I'm a nerd, after all.”

  1. 2. Please let it be the Wonder Twins
    4. Coach McGirk
    5. Red Tornado!
    6. Captain Kirk
    7. IG-88
    9. Mr. Freeze

  2. 1. Bobby – That crazy little barbarian kid with poor impulse control.
    2. Gleek – A blue-haired monkey…need I say more?
    8. Ralph – Is there maybe a paste-eating connection?

  3. It is my duty to inform you all that TOREN DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIS FAVORITE STAR TREK CHARACTER IS. He came up with one after some goading, but obviously this is a BOGUS MEME!!!

    [/flame off]

  4. Is the answer to #2 also “Red Tornado”?

    By the way, I give up – I went looking for that keen Tintin sticker you gave me, but it wasn’t where I left it, on my dvds, next to Lenin. I searched and I searched and then the cat yelled at me, so I gave up. Did you move it, by chance?

  5. Oh boy did I ever move it! Remember when I cleaned up your DVD shelves? I put stuff on the table and in a box which was for a while on top of the tickle trunk, then it was under the table for a while, and now it’s on the black shelves under the miniatures. But don’t look there now, cuz I just took the sticker out and put it on top of your Ecto1 on top of the tv.

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