Briefly…my underpants

I got an email from the guys who book bands for GenCon. Maybe…just maybe…The Thickets will be playing GenCon this year.

Also, thanks to the generosity of one Adrian Estergaard, I am enjoying season 5 of The Simpsons on DVD. Huzzah!

5 Replies to “Briefly…my underpants”

  1. Damn. Another reason to get to Gencon…

    Can’t see the wife letting me head over to the states for it though. Shame.

  2. Haha, Stewie – that’s what I WANTED you to think! Work is for suckers! Although tomorrow you may call me ‘sucker.’

  3. If they pay for our plane, and our lodging, and passes to the convention, and maybe some food and spending money, and provide us with musical instruments, we’re in.

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