Busy Weekend

I was hoping to get a lot more drawing done this past weekend, but stuff kept coming up.

Thursday day: drawing
Thursday night: Ghostbusters played at the UBC theater so as part of Stewie’s birthday festivities, Marlo and I met up with Taylor and other people, had some pizza with potatoes on it, and yelled out “Ghostbusters!” along with the music in the movie.

Friday day: drawing
Friday night: Janet’s going to Asia for a year and change, so Marlo, myself, Stewie, Taylor, Chris G and Lin all piled into one car and took her up on her ten-pin bowling invite at the Brentwood Lanes in Burnaby. We had nachos and the balls were heavy.

Saturday day: The Saturday Morning Cartoon Party! Chris Woods, Stewie, Taylor, Marlo, Sylvia & friend, Nathan, Carina, Michael Beck & Bev, Jon Dawes, Jeffyboy, and little Kodos and anyone I’m forgetting came and watched a slough of cartoons with a space theme.
Saturday eve: after the party we hung out with Chris W. At the Sunshine Diner in Kits we had some proper food after all the peanut butter Cap’n Crunch and Cookie Crisp and Count Chocula of the morning. Then we visited the Comicshop where Marlo picked up some Manga and I picked up some old Dungeon magazines at half price. We came back home and watched Chris’ DVD slide show of the trip he went on with Angie down various parts of Route 66. Then we got hungry again and went to Red Onion for dinner, along with Stewie.

Sunday day: last week’s D&D session was cancelled due to illness so I didn’t want to cancel this week’s. We had to have it earlier than usual though, because at 3:30 Marlo’s uncle picked us up and took us to her grandparent’s place for a yummy Easter dinner. Sunday is the day I really started to get sick myself. My throat is still hurting and I took the day off work to day, which is bad because I need money, but good because I can catch up on all the drawing I missed. Which I will do….NOW!

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  1. Draw faster, harder, longer. You can do better. Choose to be better!

    Geez, being inspirational is tough! Hope you feel better soon m’laddo.


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