The Qualm Before the Storm

If I had to choose just one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Panago’s thin crust kalamata olive and sun dried tomato pizza with feta cheese substituted for the mozza.

Marlo and I tried, very unsuccessfully, to find a copy of the Lord of the Rings trilogy box set (extended edition, of course), today. We tried A&B, Futureshop, and Virgin. If you want to steal something from Futureshop, do it on Boxing Day, because it is as close to bedlam as you will ever find, and the security buzzers go off so regularly so as to be rendered ineffectual. Anyway, if you can recommend somewhere that we might find the box set, it would make Marlo very happy. Marlo was pretty cheesed off at the height of our fruitless campaign, with hurting peds, spiteful store clerks, and the aforementioned bedlam, but by the time we were on our way home from seeing House of Flying Daggers she was in very good spirits. I love being downtown and realizing we have nothing planned and Tinseltown is just a few blocks away.

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  1. pls get marlo to send the picts of your Xmas to me at as an attachment, then I can save them to my yahoo picts album. Thanks, hugs from Mom
    don’t forget to answer my last email. I couldn’t log into her comments, or I would have asked her. Hugs again, M.O.M>

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