Seasons Gratings

I’ve heard this from a couple people – and they’re right. It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. Certainly it doesn’t feel like Christmas will be here in 2 days. Less, really. I’m not sure why it is – maybe I’m not playing enough video games (my own personal hexmas tradition). I’m sure my day job has something to do with it, too, despite the Christine Aguilera christmas song they’ve been playing on the radio there, which may be the new worst song in the world. The good news is I am off until the 29th, and they fed us pizza yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out with Marlo’s family and then the day after, I’ll be hanging out with more of Marlo’s family!

Advance Christmas presents: An Edward Gorey calendar from Stewie; A spiff-tastic personally silk-screened orange bunny t-shirt from Yvonne!

6 Replies to “Seasons Gratings”

  1. “An Edward Gorey calendar from Stewie” SCORE!!!! That’s what Christmas is all about, getting anything Edward Gorey!

  2. I blame the nice weather. Acccording to CBC radio this December has broken high temperature records all across BC. I blame the fact that Frosty the Snowman is in Betty Ford. The clinic… not the late, former first lady.

  3. Hey Woods! This is off-topic but check out todays Vancouver Province, page A32. This will be of interest to you too, Toren.

  4. Share! Share page A32 with the rest of the class (particularly those of us not currently in the city)

  5. I wish I had a scanner. On said page is a picture on some high priced lawyer, and in the background on the wall is one of Chris Wood’s paintings. It’s one of his older works, the one with
    the blind folded woman, and a long haired Toren.

  6. Coooooool. When I grow up, I want to become a high priced lawyer and own a Woods original.
    How’s the rain / roof situation Toren? Will I need to kill the super? And did Kodos appear? I couldn’t find him anywhere before I left Wednesday. I think the guys on the roof may have freaked him out.

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