Sweet merciful molten rock!

I just woke up from a dream in which I was walking down the street and saw two bears fighting each other. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I asked a neighbor (this was somewhere in Alberta) who had just gotten out of his helicopter with his son if those were really two bears…fighting each other. He said “yes.” I said “shouldn’t we get inside or something?” and he again said “yes.” As soon as we started running away, though, the bears started chasing us – and we couldn’t reach his house in time so I climbed up on his shed (or garage) – the rest of his family were trying to climb up too but weren’t having as much luck and they may have been being mauled or eaten. I decided that this was all a dream and that if only I could force myself to wake up…well, I’d like that better. In my dream I woke up and was talking to Marlo but as soon as I realized again that I was dreaming I was right back with the bears. So I realized I couldn’t force myself to wake up – but I hit upon the idea of ending the dream by bringing about ragnarok. So the ground opened up and lava shot out, and I threw myself into the rift and watched as the ground swallowed me up and I was disintegrated by the magma.

Dead in the dream, I woke up alive.

Just goes to show I’d rather jump into a pool of lava than be mauled by a bear.

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  1. God, I totally have bad lucid dreams too. I know I’m dreaming, but it doesn’t matter – I can’t turn it into a good dream. I am capable of waking myself up,m though.

    This comment thingy is annoying when your computer is set to 800×600. You can’t see what you’re typing in the right border. It’s not my fault. It’s my work computer.

  2. No, it shows you’d rather end the world than be mauled by a bear, which is way more selfish. Maybe next time you’ll check to see if any of the rest of us would like to remain alive in your dream, perhaps bywrestling the bear for you. Maybe that crazy guy and his anti-Grizzly suit. But no, Toren had to end the world. Well fine. Nice work!


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