Top Ten Chocolate/Candy Bars

OK that last entry got me all in the mood for a look at some of my favourite chocolate bars.

Coffee Crisp.
It’s delightful. It’s delectible. They don’t have it in the states.
Alternate versions: French Vanilla (yuck); Latte (yuck); Triple Mocha (yuck); Orange (yum).

Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Yes. Yes yes yes. I love the way the chocolate actually melts while you hold on to the cup. You’ve tried the cups – now try the cereal!

Lowney’s Bridge Mixture. Variety goes a long long way, even so far as to excuse the low quality chocolate. If any of these bits were sold by themselves, I wouldn’t be interested. What can I say, I like getting a whole bunch of different tastes in one box. I mean package. Oh, nevermind. I like “midgit mix” for the same reason, even though some of the candies in it are gross.
Not technically a candy “bar”.

Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut. The fruit is raisins, the nut is almonds. The quality of the chocolate is pretty good for a cheap bar. If they made this in dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate it would be really something. Launched in Canada in the ’50s. This is my “I want a sophisticated, adult choco bar.” I used to eat this a lot more than I do now. I think that’s because I’ve discovered Ritter Sport.

Ritter Sport dark chocolate and dark chocolate with hazel nuts. Oh my goodness! Now that’s good chocolate for two bucks. Put this in my top five. Some of the flavours on this website I haven’t even seen in Canadian stores. Tiramisu? Cherry vanilla yoghurt? I’d try that!

Not easy to find in Canada. Whenever I go down to the states, I make a point of grabbing one of these when we stop for gas. I remember the commercial like it were several days ago. That sentence doesn’t actually make sense.

Eat-More. On those rare occasions when I want more nuts ‘n’ shit than chocolate, this is what I reach for. It’s like the candy company took all the sweepings from their factory floor and pressed them into a bar. And I dig it.

Crunchie. Oh Crunchie sweet Crunchie. I haven’t eaten you for strange aeons. But I still love you.

M&M Peanuts. Remember that old Indian legend of how Coyote tricked Raven into giving M&M peanuts their beautiful colours? I consider this almost a healthy treat given the candy to nut ratio. But when you get one little one that is missing the nut – that is a special treat in and of itself, isn’t it? I see you agree.

My secret shame: Lowney’s Cherry Blossom. I don’t know why. Don’t judge me. Just check out the cool interactive box at some nerds’ website.

Special mention: Maltesers, especially when they come in the milk carton container.

The Caramilk Secret REVEALED! They put the caramel into the chocolate in a machine in a factory.

And just one more thing…while I have your attention, once again: there is no such thing as red licorice. Licorice is a flavour. You are thinking of Strawberry Twizzlers. To say red licorice is like saying red mint.

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  1. You’ve tried the cups – not try the cereal!
    Ummm… is that why not, or do not?. This is important!!

    Yep, Coffee Crisp and Ritter Sport are teh awesome. Bounty is good too – sooooo much coconut. Skor is good if you want so much sugar that you drool while you’re eating it. Same with Crispy Crunch.

  2. I was tempted, and could have easily switched Crunchie with Skor in the top ten, but…amazingly…sometimes I find Skor…I know you won’t believe this…too sweet. But when Mrs Stewart puts it in her baked goods, don’t get in my way. That advice is for your own protection. This is your benefit, not mine.

  3. I was going to register my outrage at the lack of Skor and Crispy Crunch in your post. Your comments have stayed my wrath!

    …and have you tried Sidekicks? Yummy. Chocolate, peanut butter, and nougat. Kind of like a Mars bar with peanut butter instead of caramel.

  4. I did try a Sidekick once, but it didn’t strike me as anything special. Maybe I’ll give it another shot next time on your recommendation.

  5. Canada used to have a version of ‘Whatchamacalit’ called ‘Special Crisp’. I don’t know if it’s still in production. Toblerone white chocolate bars used to be my favorite but the nuts and nougat they put in it now are it too chewy and stick to my teeth.

    I believe all chocolate/candy bars are our friends. They wish us all nothing but good will. I repay that good will by consuming them without regret. My favorite now? Probably Twix. That cookie just keeps on giving.

  6. Awesome post!

    Some comments from foodie Kirsten:

    “No fruit in the chocolate. No chocolate in the fruit. Nobody gets hurt.”

    “They used to make Watchamacalit without the caramel; it was better.”

    “Re: Reese’s peanut butter cups: There’s a modern heresy towards the Reese’s Fast Break.”


    My mom used to buy peanut M&M’s, but spit the peanuts out. I asked her once why she didn’t just buy plain M&Ms, and she said because the chocolate tastes different. She’s not allergic to nuts, she just likes the flavor of peanut M&Ms more. My mom is crazy.

  7. no its true. the peanut M&Ms do taste different. the chocolate they use is way better. i LOVE peanut M&M’s. it ranks number two on my list only because i ate a 5 pound bag in one sitting and made myself sick. i couldn’t eat any for years. now i’m back eating them (a testament to their goodness) and i’m still eating them until i get sick thanks to bulk peanut M&M’s at the store half a block from my house. so cheap and so good.

    (ps. some days i need a Mars bar and that gets number one but lately number one has been Cadbury Hazelnut chocolate. its like the fruit and nuts version but with out the fruit)

  8. i don’t know who you are
    but you are amazing
    im a chocolate freak
    no doubt i am
    still on my mission on trying losta and losta good chocolate ard the world.

    nd of course.
    i haven’t eaten all the chocoaltes up there coz i ain’t in canada. found your blog in googles.
    Lindt Lindor Truffles are awesome
    my friend bought it in the states
    so you can get some

    it’s nice. real nice. btw, milk one.

    pleasure to have read your entry.
    at least this one

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