Too Much is Not Enough

Three finished drawings per day for two days is… a lot of work. Walking Marlo to the bus stop this evening is the first time I’ve been outside since Sunday.

I like trying new things. A lot of people don’t like the risk. When it comes to food – the risk is acceptable to me. I got a flyer for a new Chinese restaurant called the Varsity Grill. There were coupons on the back and the menu seemed good so I suggested to Marlo that we have it for dinner tonight, delivery-wise. It may not be the worst Chinese food I’ve ever had, but it was in the bottom five. A lot of the egg fu yung has been egg fu flung to Kodos.

I’ve tried the peanut butter Kit Kat. I’ve tried the Latte Coffee Crisp and the Caramel Coffee Crisp. All were disappointments, but I’ll keep on trying these new culinary experiments. I won’t try the “inside out” Reese Peanut Butter cups and I’ll tell you why: a regular pack contains 3 cups – the new pack contains 2 cups for the same price. Sorry Reese. There’s so many stupid new candy bar variations now – I’ve lost track of all the different Kit Kats. Oh wait – I found the website: check this out:

1931 The KIT KAT wafer bar is introduced.
2000 The KIT KAT BIG KAT/CHUNK wafer bar is introduced.
2002 KIT KAT Limited Edition White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate wafer bars are introduced.
2003 KIT KAT expands its limited edition line to include mint and orange flavors.
2004 KIT KAT BIG KAT Limited Edition White Chocolate and KIT KAT Triple Chocolate wafer bars are introduced.

Wow, look at that big gap between 1931 and 2000. How did the product manage to survive without all the gimmicky varieties for three score years and change? I don’t even see the peanut butter variety on the list, and I bet there’s a caramel one too.

They’re doing the same thing to Reese’s cups, Aero bar (I do like the orange flavoured Aero, I know Yvonne will balk), and now Coffee Crisp. I shouldn’t complain about having more variety to choose from in my snacks, but Smarties* in a bar form with white chocolate? It seems like they could be working on something better. That said, good job on the sundae flavoured Smarties, Nestle.

My American readers – our Smarties are different than yours – see here:

While I’ve been drawing I’ve been:

Dubbing Clone High for Jordan & Tara.
Finishing off mixed tapes.
Listening to a lot of my old tapes made years ago, including tapes of “Laugh Tracks” recorded from the radio in the mid ’80s, and the Shuffle Demons.