I have no Mouse and I must scream

Wednesday Marlo and I went to Green Lettuce and it was too spicy.

Thursday…what happened Thursday. Oh yes, I saw the Incredibles with Yvonne and Stewie and Marlo and it was very very good. I loved it and I’ll avoid going on a killing spree only if they do a sequel. That Brad (Iron Giant) Bird can really put a movie together. I saw a girl on the bus this morning that looked like Violet (the invisible girl). When I take the bus to work it’s filled with gangly, awkward, clumsy teens on their way to school, who serve no end of visual entertainment. I didn’t realize that Jason Lee did the voice of Syndrome (the bad guy) – that’s neat. He was the most entertaining part of Mall Rats. I got a message from my brother that there was band practice that night in Chilliwack, so I scrambled to arrange the borrowing of Stephane’s car. I tell my bandmates that I need lots of notice for practice. I might as well be talking to an actual thicket. But I did manage to get the car (Stephane has a bout of labyrinthitis) and I listened to Bjork and Faith No More and the Rushmore Soundtrack while I drove. It’s an hour and a half each way to Chilliwack. That’s 3 hours of driving and 1 hour of practice. But I like to drive sometimes. Except when it’s really foggy through Langley and I’m tired.

Friday we had the rock show and it was good. Everything went off without a hitch. My voice was in top form – I didn’t have problems in the usual trouble-spots (the end of Frogstar, and Dies Ist Unverschamtheit) which is unusual. I even did the full scream(s) in Sounds of Tindalos which I usually don’t (after Stewie kept bugging me about how that, I made sure to belt them). I saw Dennis and I even saw Jessica Milligan (AKA Je-Psycho) our own uber-fan from days gone by, whom I haven’t seen in years. Pub 340 is a pretty good place to play – and they gave us the guarantee I asked for. I must say we rocked the house and we deserved it. There was no small amount of dancing/moshing. And let’s not forget PUKOR.

Saturday I drew while Marlo loitered lovingly. We had breakfast at de Dutch Pannekoek House and watched Powerpuff Girls. Or maybe I’m getting things confused with Sunday. Oh, I remember – on Saturday we watched Re-Animator and The Day the Earth Stood Still (good movies to watch while drawing), both of which were on Marlo’s ‘to see’ list.

And I did laundry. And that was my weekend.

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  1. Unfortunately, if Pixar and Disney part ways there may never be an Incredibles sequel, or not a good one, anyway, since Disney owns the rights to the characters.

    Too bad, because I agree that it was awesome.

  2. incredibles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best movie this year!!!! saw it when it opened….and then again the next week. real news:paid FULL PRICE both times!!!!

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