My New Job at Raincoast

Today was my first day “at work.” I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 8:30 am to 5pm. I get a 15 minute break at 10:30 and another at 3:30. These are useless and stupid. Just when you start to relax, you have to go back to work. I also get a half hour lunch break at 12:30. You can’t consolidate your breaks into a full hour – also completely retarded. I don’t know how much I get paid. Ten bucks plus change, I think (per hour). The job is completely mind numbing and I am on my feet all day. Basically I am given a list to go shopping for books down the aisles of the huge warehouse at Raincoast Books. They have some cool books. I haven’t looked at the Art of The Invincibles yet but I aims ta. I don’t know if I get a discount but in the cafetorium they have a table full of FREE BOOKS. I took one today about writing for the internet. By gawd I could use that one. Um er ah, they also have a library and you can take books out for as long as you want. That’s neat. Other than that the job pretty much sucks, especially since I have to stop typing now so I can get close to 8 hours sleep (on account of I have to get up at 7). BLEEARGH! Oh well, it’s only until hexmas. By then I should have the cash to stave off the poverty hounds.

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  1. I am sure you will enjoy being in the candy shop of book warehouses, maybe you will change your mind at the end of your time. Didn’t you sign a contract for pay? Myy
    My, my. Keep smiling, Love, M.O.M.

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