Blow out one day only

While I was walking to Marlo’s the other day I came across a car trap – someone had put down two strips of wood with nails all through them with the hope of blowing tires out. Now I’m not a big fan of cars in general, but I will not deny that they can be very useful and helpful, and sometimes necessary. But even my anti-car side cannot get behind that kind of grass roots terrorism. That’s just mean and destructive. Nobody is going to stop driving a car because some brats blew out their tires – they’re just going to get pissed off and make everyone around them more miserable. Naturally I picked up the traps and tossed them to the side of the road. I had this weird fear while I was trying to find somewhere safe to put them that somebody would see me with them in hand and yell “that’s the guy!” and come running towards me with a tire iron for, as Paul puts it, Operation: Bloody Vengeance.

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