But for how long, Spock. For…how long.

Today I drew a picture of the wizard Silent from The Black Company. And I think I have a job starting on Tuesday at Raincoast Books so I celebrated with some pizza (Kodos joined in the celebration – I’m surprised he hasn’t puked from all the bread). I taped the season premiere of Enterprise, plus a new episode of Justice League and Home Movies while I drew. Then I did up the debriefing/recap of what happened in D&D last night. It was all very exciting. The group took a new step this week in that they tied up some smugglers and slit their throats in cold blood. COLD BLOOD.

Well you’re a pretty kitty
Now grab those guys
And put ’em in a box
And tape up the sides
Now throw them into space
So they’ll stay up there
Cuz you’re a pretty kitty
With pretty kitty hair

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