I Expire!

I had a dream this morning about dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. They had escaped from who-knows-where and boy, were they ever hungry. They were eating everything in sight, and everything in site was generally people, or other escaped critters. I think it may have started in a museum. I was in a big hall and watched some tyrannosaurus eating something like a phororhacos (large flightless bird). I found some kind of potion or trick that allowed me to become invisible. However, this didn’t help when the sabertooth tiger and dire wolf (yes there really was such a thing as a dire wolf during the pleistocene epoch) used their keen sense of smell to find me, and I died as they ate me. It wasn’t really one of my scarier dreams, in fact I recall in the dream taking interest in finding out what the experience of being killed was like. I always wondered if the idea of being killed is actually more horrific than actually dying (presuming it’s not death by torture). Later on in the dream I was alive again and there was some kind of pod or car or cage, and a person was investigating when it broke open and the poor guy was eaten by an invisible dinosaur (I guess they learned the same trick I did). So I ran and hide behind a big upturned tree stump, just like I would do in real life.

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  1. It’s always interesting to read about your dreams, as I don’t have or don’t often remember my deep sleep dreams – I do however remember the occasional low-level sleep dream (the kind you have when you’ve woken up in the morning and curled up for a bit of a sleep in). Which reminds me, I had a dream related item I was going to write up on my website – I’ll go do that now. Congrats on your job! Now you have to get me top secret copies of the latest Harry Potter, so I can sell it on eBay for thousands of dollars.

  2. Damn that is a cool dream…
    I always just dream there are homeless people in my room keeping me awake, or that I went to work at the shelter in my underwear.

  3. Was the invisible dinosaur the same one that ate you earlier? Maybe that dinosaur acquired your invisibility through you? hmmmm

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