Another in a long line of interesting emails

Hello Toren,
I came across your image “Undead Garguntuan Mutant Squid”, at I’d like to use your image in an electronics
presentation, just for my research group of 20 people. We are using
Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) for our
astrophysics project.
I’d like to use the image as an entertaining depiction of an “Evil
SQUID” at our research meeting. The slides will not be published.
Our group is not for profit. We build experimental cameras for studying
the early universe. I would of course be happy to cite
your name and provide reference to any web pages you like.
May I use the image?
-Martin Lueker
Graduate Student Researcher
Depatment of Physics
University of California, Berkeley

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  1. Neat, I didn’t even know that many people enjoyed cephalopods quite so much. That is something.

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