I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like you. The only difference is, once my pants are on I make gold records.

At C&K’s wedding reception some guy came up to me at our table and asked if I was Toren Atkinson. I gave confirmation. Then he didn’t say anything so I asked him why he asked, expecting that maybe he wanted to ask me a question or a favour or something, but his response was only that he had heard “so much” about me – that I was (I’m trying to remember his exact words but I can’t) a famous gamer (or maybe artist?) and a rock star and stuff. That made me feel awkward and I didn’t know what to say, so I tried to divert the attention to somebody else (in this case, Stewie, who was seated beside me). I don’t know why that sort of thing bothers me so much. I mean, I am proud of some of the accomplishments in my life, but being singled out and put on a pedestal makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the fact that this guy doesn’t really know me. I’m betting he doesn’t even know if I’m a good artist or a good musician, and he certainly doesn’t know about all the uncool, jerky stuff that I’ve done to balance out the cool stuff. Maybe it’s the fact that all the other people at the table were just as cool as me and I felt like I was hogging all of the spotlight. I mean it’s not like I’ve singlehandedly saved the panda bears or brought the country out of a recession. Maybe it’s that I’m too much like Marge’s art teacher – “I don’t take praise very well!”

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  1. “Maybe it’s that I’m too much like Marge’s art teacher” no maybe about it, you’re exactly like him. Bah-Dah-Zing! Taking praise is usually a learnt skill like anything ele. When you are in a position to be receiving it all the time from fans and admirerers, you’ll either learn it well or be one of those celeb goofs you see at openings of shows. Personally I think you handle fame very well, gracious and kind even when faced by the obnoxous amongst us.

  2. Hey you did give that Giant Panda that was choking on his bamboo the Heimlich maneuver that one time. So you’ve saved ONE Panda. Also, don’t forget you gave mouth to mouth to that Ocelot…

  3. ummm… toren (and i guess everyone else) it’s proper etiquette to simply say, “thank you”, “i’m flattered” or some equivelent, when someone gives you a compliment. it truly is the best way. even if you don’t really really agree with them. it’s good for you to just accept it, and unlike denial, it won’t come across as coy.

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