Becoming a master martial artist, one free trial class at a time.

A free class of Wing Tsun Kung Fu happened on Wednesday and my shoulders are still sore from it. The sifu Ralph Haenel was a funny and a good teacher, but did he have to punch me in the chest so hard? It still hurts.

We (Marlo and I) are going to try out a different free class of Kung Fu, Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu downtown. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome, we just have to pick which Tuesday we’re going to go. Unlike the Wing Tsun, which went from 7-10 (10:45 if you count watching people getting their certificates, and I do count it, with no small amount of dismay), the Praying Mantis free trial lesson only goes from 7pm to 8pm, though we are welcome to stay past 8 and just watch the rest of the regulars do their thing. So if you’re interested, let us know! John Funk, the instructor, has asked that we call ahead to let him know that we’re coming on a given night so that he doesn’t have too many people in the class, which was a a small problem at Wing Tsun during certain parts of the lesson.

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  1. Sounds like a cool thing, but I have always had an strong aversion to fitness through violence. I know they say it’s to learn how not to fight, but I doubt they teach “running away like wise monkey” technique. I have also found that whenever I have observed friends in martial arts training, the atmosphere is very competetive, so leave me to swimming or tai-chi, where I can kick ass very-very slowly.

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