I wrote it down in my diary so I wouldn't HAVE to remember!

If I were to put an ad in the Georgia Straight, it would look like this:

Bass player wanted for The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. The fewer the addictions the better. Ability to play guitar and/or drums an asset. Familiarity with Lovecraft and Thickets tunes an asset. Access to vehicle a big asset. Access to super cheap practice space in Vancouver a really big asset. Must have own monster costume. Actually that last part is a lie.

In other news the side project has stalled a big fat stall. I’ve got a drumming commitment in Norm but that’s pretty much it. I’ve considered singing for some other band that isn’t put together by me, but with all the other stuff going on in my day-to-day schedule that’s not really any more realistic.

That all sounds like bad news, doesn’t it? The fact is, it’s old news. Here’s some new news, and good news at that: things with Marlo and I are going better than I could have ever expected.

2 Replies to “I wrote it down in my diary so I wouldn't HAVE to remember!”

  1. Oh good. Marlo doesn’t have a core of solid plutonium like you orignally thought then? I guess I’ll cancel that order for the lead-lined boxer shorts you made. There goes my commission…

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