Blog Fu

So my Egyptian artwork is finally all done. Phew! PHEW I SAY! Tomorrow night Marlo & I are going to try out a Kung Fu class for free. I hope I get to break a cinder block with my head. I also hope I get to break my fast with my bread.

Right now I’ve got to start writing a story about nurses. Hmmm…should I start with geriatrics or anesthesiology? 500 words…that’s not too much. I hope.

We’ll be right back after these important messages.

2 Replies to “Blog Fu”

  1. Why don’t you send them the letter you wrote to Penthouse about the three-nurse ‘spongebath’ you got after you had your tonsils out? ‘I’m a guy attending a small midwestern college and this sort of thing never happens to me…’


  2. or that time you finally got that big date with Samantha the nurse you’d been trying to get for months. Remember how you accidentally get handcuffed to your roommate with the handcuffs left behind by your RCMP friend Bill and still went out on the date anyway? that was a great story.

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